Creating a Campaign ( Step By Step)




Your campaign title is your headline. This indicates what you are raising money for.



  • Tell a very compelling story and remember to keep it concise.

  • The most important information should come first.

  • Explain why you are raising money.

  • Share enough details about yourself (and your team).

  • Breakdown your budget to gain trust. (give details on how the money will be spent).

  • Cut long text into sections with sub-headings.

  • Grammar and spelling are important so ensure you proofread.


Short Description

Your campaign short description is the subhead of your campaign and should include everything people would need to know for them to want to support your campaign.



Category & Tag

Be sure to select the category your campaign falls into and use appropriate tags to boost visibility.




Ensure your campaign image is of interest and relevant to your campaign. Your image is what people will see on the Obtainaid landing page and they should be moved to click on it.




  • Your video should be short (1-3 minutes) and should express your goals and intentions.

  • Take Note: The first nine seconds of your video count. First impressions are everything.

  • Be in the video to make it more personal.

  • Use music to set the right tone for the video.

  • Ensure the video is concise and clear.

  • End with a clear call to action for support in every way they can.

  • Upload your video to either YouTube or Vimeo and add the URL to the video section in the campaign flow.



Start and End Date

The best date for your campaign to start is when you are completely prepared and ready to start.

Your duration of your campaign should not exceed 70 days.

We encourage that you set a campaign length of 40 or fewer days to build the right momentum and engagement.

Ensure to factor in the time it will take for your funds to be disbursed after your campaign ends which should be between 7-12 days.



Funding Goal

Obtainaid is a flexible funding platform which means you keep all funds, even if you do not meet your goal! When setting your funding goal, ensure it covers your campaign objective, platform and processing fees.

For details on pricing, please see Fees.



Submit Campaign

Once everything is complete and it looks good, click on ‘Submit Campaign’.  Your campaign will be reviewed within 48 hours and launched.

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