Trust & Safety

Obtainaid’s mission is to empower people to unite around needs or ideas that matter to them. Providing a safe, secure, and trusted platform is an essential part of achieving that mission. We want to provide our funders with the information that they need to feel confident supporting and empowering Nigerians. It’s a collaboration built on transparency, trust, and a passion for those “WOW” moments.

Transparency and communication

Providing a trusted platform is a two-way street. We expect everyone to comply with our Terms of Service and keep the lines of communication open and honest. Not doing so may jeopardize the confidence and trust of the community who is excited to see entrepreneurial projects succeed.





Do the research

Learn more about the people behind the campaign you are donating to. Review the story (look for the “Risks and Challenges” section), team profiles, updates, and comments to get a good sense of what you’re backing and to feel confident in your decision.

Ask questions

Stay up-to-date with campaigns that you’ve backed by asking questions. You can contact the campaigner to get your questions answer about their campaign. Comments are a great way to follow feedback and Q&As between the campaign owner and other backers throughout the campaign’s progress.

Report concerns

If something looks wrong to you, tell us! We encourage our community to report suspicious activity and voice concerns via Our Trust & Safety team monitors feedback and acts if needed to protect our community.





Paint the full picture

Give funders peace of mind and confidence in backing your campaign by including detailed information about your yourself, qualifications, and track record. Be open about the risks and challenges. The more information you provide upfront, the more potential funders  will understand that you’re trustworthy and committed to seeing your project through.

Engage Funders

Keep everyone informed of your progress or setbacks through commenting and frequent updates. Engaging backers will help establish trust, while a lack of communication may result in backers losing faith or leaving bad feedback.


Prepare for launch

Did you know that most successful campaigners spend months preparing for their campaign launch? Building a community and a strong email list with family and friends is a key factor in your campaign’s success.

We are here to support you

We are constantly listening to feedback and finding ways to improve our platform so that you feel confident in your decision to support campaigns on Obtainaid. Though sometimes campaigns encounter obstacles and unforeseen circumstances, we have policies and tools in place to help them communicate to supporters in an effective and productive way.

With crowdfunding, there are always risks, so Obtainaid does not guarantee that contributions will be used as promised or that campaigns will achieve their goals. However, if our Terms of Use are violated, we will take action on behalf of our funders to make things right.

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